Krav Maga Personal Training

Advantages through knowledge. Self-confidence.

In personal training you learn the Krav Maga system in a short duration of time. Gain benefits by detecting conflicts before they happen. Unsettle the other side by your own self-confident behavior. Recognize dangers early. All this can be trained. After a view lessons, you recognize your progress. Due to the personal training can learn the Krav Maga system with up to 50% less time. Intensive learning experience in one to one training – therefore ideal for people with tight schedule.

18 lessons at 55 min, Monday to Saturday,
by appointment

Period of time (Duration)
Ideally in 4 to 6 months

Krav Maga Center Baar and Lucerne,
or in your locality

responsible (mature), legal capacity and capable of discernment. No previous convictions against violency or felony.

The training is tailored to your personal needs. The training sessions are videotaped and evaluated and discussed as needed.