My philosophy

Explore the simplicity of life. 

All forms of life are based on water. I associate key-aspects of self-defense with water too, such as dynamics, strength, flexibility, precision, balance, agility, flexibility, speed, silence, survivability, adaptability and simplicity.
Water exists in all forms. The waters temperature I see as our perceptions and feelings. Like Hydrogen and oxygen form together a unique entity in water, so too does the interplay of mind and body in mankind.

In a training session, I often compare an attack with the force of a waterfall. This can be broken by applying the proper technique, speed and strength. The greatest danger is below the waterfall, before and after the waterfall there is silence and you are in safe zone. In addition, I look for the connection to nature and convey to you the ability to be aware of natures energy in everyday life. The force of attraction accompanies us constantly in our thoughts.
In order to be aware of your energy, you need to build a connection to everyday life. This compound is a natural element that is frequently used or seen. This element is again water. What could be simpler than water?

Krav Maga Instructor
Patrick Sucur